Good morning. FutureNet. Cosi speaking.

Uh. Could I speak to Professor Freeman, please?

I'm sorry, Professor Freeman is in conference at the moment. Perhaps I can help you.

Uh. Hi. Yes. My name's Axel Gunn. I've sent my permission form in to Professor Freeman. And, you know, I'd like to get started.

Oh, hello Axel. Professor Freeman has told me about you. Can I just check your details?


Yes, they're on the screen now...

211 Poatina Drive, Gillian Bay.


I see you're available any time, Axel?


Let me see, could you come on Thursday morning at 8 o'clock?

Well, any time at all, really, 'cept for sea scouts and Double Helix Club and... Thursday morning... OK, yep, that's fine. I'll be there.