Hoop, Dunnie. Hoop. Ay've caught me.

Who is it? Is that you, Farrel?

Lisn, Dunnie. Ay've caught me. Ay're gonna gill me. Hoop.

Stop mucking round, Farrel or I'll hang up.

Ay'm in big shid, Dunnie. Real big shid. Hoop.

Where are you? Oh God. You can't hear me. You can't hear a word I'm saying.

I on boad. I founair mobelphone. I mem yore num.

Please, God. Make him tell me where he is.

Sumwair Ease Cosed aye thing.

What's the name of the boat? Does the boat have a name? Oh God, Farrel, please&

Boad is Sorers Prenez aye thing. O shid. Here ay come.