con_casim, 10.40am Monday 5 December 1993

Mr PB asked me to come up with a challenge for everybody for the last full week of school. Well, here it is. (It' s something I read in a magazine).

Get a shoebox from the storeroom and convert it into a pretend house. The house must have 2 doors, 4 windows and a roof (of course). It doesn't have to be completely weatherproof. But it should be well-insulated because the challenge is to make it so that an ice block inside will take a long time to melt on a warm day.

You can't just stuff it with insulation throughout because you couldn't do that with a real house--you need space inside it to live in. To make it fair, everybody's shoebox house must have enough room to fit a brick inside.

What d'ya reckon?

Oh, yeah... How about this for my new sig?

When I die I'd like to die the way my grandfather died, peacefully in his sleep...not screaming and shouting, like his passengers.