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Lewis Carroll

Peter Davies

Mark Dwyer

Christopher Hampton

Mai Hong*

Tri Hong*

Damien Jones

Mark Nicholson

Paul Radford

Susan Williams



These are real people whose work has been used in axel-and-alice. Everything else has been written by Peter Jerrim...including all the works written by the characters.

So, if it says somewhere that a poem, whatever, is written by someone whose name is not listed above then you know that they are a fictional character.

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Please note that the people listed above (except for Lewis Carroll) retain copyright in their original work and Peter Jerrim retains copyright in the version published in axel-and-alice.

Names with an asterisk (*) after them refer to people who the author wishes to contact to confirm permission to use work which originates with them but which is heavily or substantially edited. If you know how to contact those people then . He will be grateful for your assistance.

If you click on an underlined name above you will go to something that person wrote. It's not necessarily the only thing they have written that's in axel-and-alice.