Thank you

Thank you Penny Jerrim for always believing, for being able to see things from a kid's point of view, and for thinking so clearly when I ask for help. How I value your judgement and your unconditional support. Likewise, Andrew Jerrim has been a continuing source of wisdom and good ideas. I have also benefited greatly from David Wright's friendship, knowledge and intelligence.

Thank you Merridy Wright and David Wright for giving me a computer so I could get started.

Thank you to all the contributing artists and writers. And thank you to all the other people who have helped in some other way, small or large.

The author is grateful to the following publishers and copyright owners for permission to use or adapt copyright material. And some sites have been useful in the creation of this one.

This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Premier, Minister of State Development.

This site is dedicated to my parents, Prue and Henry Jerrim, who must have wondered when axel-and-alice would ever be finished.

Now they know it won't!