Other parts of the story include...


the kids' dreams...and the dreams of their parents and teachers, etc

All sorts of dreams, including a few nightmares.


poems that the kids write--and some other people's poems, too

Some people would call these poems. Others might not be so complimentary.


their projects when they go exploring the things that they are interested in

This is school stuff but it links with everything else in the story.


the kids' raving on about their problems, relationships, friends, enemies, memories, likes, dislikes

You find this stuff on their home pages. They're always raving on about what's on their mind.

Or you might get lost in...


four novels which are mirror images of each other



all the answers Dr Claire gives to the kids' questions

Only some of these are about embarrassing subjects.


scripts of videos that the kids and others have written

You don't watch these videos. They're descriptions of videos. You've got to imagine what they look like.


lots of the kids' letters, phone calls, email and secretly recorded conversations

They don't mind you snooping.


the teacher's diary

It's full of personal stuff that the kids aren't supposed to read...


all about the school the kids go to's a bit different, so it needs explaining


what happens in every minute of one important day

1440 minutes = 1 day

oh, yeah& and...


a short history of the world

Just in case you wanted to see how the characters fit in with the rest of the universe

 So you think this sounds complicated?

The main thing to remember is that axel-and-alice is about its two main characters: Alice and Axel.