Questions and answers about axel-and-alice

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Can I download all of axel-and-alice or buy it on a CD-ROM?

How come it sometimes says this site has already been updated tomorrow?

I don't know about metric weights or measures.

I see that ideas and suggestions for axel-and-alice are welcomed, but can I criticise it?

Is it true that I can have an input into the story?

Sometimes I go somewhere in axel-and-alice and I don't know how to get back to where I was before.

What is hypertext?

What's axel-and-alice really about, anyway?

Why are all the kids such good spellers?

Why do some stories have spiders to click at the bottom of the page and some have words to click instead?

Why is axel-and-alice an endless and inner world?

Why is the spelling of some words funny?