What's axel-and-alice really about, anyway?
axel-and-alice has different meanings for different people. You are free to see in it what you want to see. Just go exploring. Read what you want to read. Miss out the bits that don't interest you or don't seem to make sense. Maybe it's a bit like life. You experience lots of things. You explore. In the end you're not sure if you understand it or not. That's OK.

Of course axel-and-alice is about lots of people and lots of ideas.

It is especially about the two main characters, Alice and Axel.

As you discover more about Alice and Axel you might begin to understand something about them that you didn't expect. Then again, maybe they're just a couple of kids in a story.

Some of the characters in their world have their own theories about what it's about.

You decide for yourself.

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