Is it true that I can have an input into the story?

Because axel-and-alice can never be finished it is always open for more to be written. If you have something you would like to suggest then please email it to the author. If you would like to write something yourself--a story, a poem, a dream, whatever--then please send it along. Your idea or your writing might fill in something that's missing in the story or it might be something entirely new.

But please remember that not every idea can be followed up and not everything you write can be added to axel-and-alice. In the end, Peter Jerrim has to decide whether it fits in or is good enough. But everything will be acknowledged and your name will be listed as one of the people who have helped (unless you ask for it not to be listed, of course).

If you have something you would like published on the World Wide Web but it has nothing to do with axel-and-alice then Peter Jerrim will consider putting it in the Karnyalimenya School library which soon will be included in axel-and-alice. The only thing you have to guarantee is that what you send is your writing and not someone else's. You can send photos or other images, too, if you wish. But please make sure they are not big files because the author would like to be able to download them easily.

Send text files in an or in html (as web pages). Send images in jpeg or gif format.

To protect your privacy, your contact details (postal address, phone number or fax number) will not be published on this site. Your email address and the URL for your home page will only be published if you specifically request it.

If you wish to protect your privacy even further then use a made-up name, not your real one--and not the name of anyone you know, either!

Adults (including professional writers and other content providers) please note:

If you want to contribute to axel-and-alice in any of the above ways then you are very welcome.

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