Dear Dr Claire--

Dear Dr Claire

Hi there

I've had a lot of fun answering questions from the kids at Karnyalimenya School--and from other kids around the world. The medical questions have been interesting--but I've also enjoyed writing about other topics, too. Sometimes I haven't known the answer and I've had to read about it or ask a friend who knows about the subject.

So if you have a genuine question for me then I'd like to hear from you. I can't promise to answer straight away--but I'll be as quick as I can. Please send your question to me in an message. The answer will be emailed to you and also put into the Dear Dr Claire section of axel-and-alice. BUT TO PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY I WILL NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME ON THIS WEBSITE. Only you will know who wrote the question.

Also, your question will be put on the school notepaper so it will seem as though you are a student of the school--and not from somewhere else. So no one will know who originally wrote the question. I will do it this way to protect you.

Oh, and here's something important. Remember that I'm just one of the characters in axel-and-alice. On the whole I say some pretty sensible things. However if you have a real medical problem then please see a real medical doctor as soon as you can. If you are not sure what I mean by this then read the disclaimer.

Thank you

Virginia R. Claire

Virginia R. Claire