Thank you to all the contributing artists
Cindy Aulby 1

Melissa Benson 1

Pieter Bruegel 1, 2, 3

Sally Curry 1

Charles Dodgson 1, 2, 3

Mathias Grünewald 1

Isabelle Gurney 1

Harry Harrison 1

Andrew Jerrim 1

Penny Jerrim 1, 2, 3, 4

Wassily Kandinsky 1

Alison Martyn 1

Wendy Nash 1

Ben Prentice 1

Arthur Rackham 1

Ruth Rees 1

Rosenthal 1

John Tenniel 1, 2

Pam Thorne 1

Jan Vermeer 1


and a special thank you to the unknown graffiti artists and poets of Hobart

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and a few other unknown artists

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and thanks, too, to those unidentifiable artists and photographers who created images that have been purchased through agencies. other businesses and institutions.

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And thank you very much to those artists and providers whose images were given away freely on various sites.

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And finally, thanks to the creators and owners of logos and trademarks which have been used with permission.



More than half the images in axel-and-alice originate with the author. Most of the rest are by contemporary young people and adults of today. Some out-of-copyright works by artists of the past have also been used.

Almost all of the images not originating with the author have been heavily edited. Sometimes they have been used as the raw material for a very different image. The author is most grateful for the use of these images and hopes he has honoured the original artists in the way their work has been used.

If you have provided artwork for axel-and-alice and your name is not on this page it probably means that the image has not been used yet. But thank you for your help. Perhaps you will be able to see your work here soon.

To the best of the author's knowledge, there is no breach of copyright in the use of any of these images. If you identify a problem then so that he can obtain permission or delete the image.

Apart from downloading to view on your computer screen or for purposes of private study or review you require permission to copy any image in axel-and-alice. If you need permission . He can allow you to use some of the images that he has created. But note that some works originating with him have been based on photographs permitted only for use on this website.

Works created by or originating with other artists must not be copied.