I hear weird music grappling with giants in the atmosphere I make

I try to comfort the hurt ones of the world with chains of metal love

I think calm thoughts even when it's useless even when it's darkest

I imagine crazy things happening in ordinary times but not tomorrow

I hear the music clanging like sharp orange things at night bursting bad

I push ideas down the throats of people who should eat more salads now

I laugh at the newspapers that fall from the sky covered with baby photos

I hate to write thank you letters to animals that stand in wet fields dumb

I exercise ready for attack from unexpected avalanches in radio despair

I manipulate errors in other people's heads so they can't think straight at all

I pump an evil liquid through the drains that run under the cruel city scream

I shove snow balloons through the doors of factories in black space emptying

I finger little hard blocks of plastic red and blue that might explode stars

I stuff steel balls into the native animals that get under my itchy footsteps