Axel's email starts with his letters on 10 October 1994. But other people use email, too, including Greek gods, Susan Tozer and Dr Claire's husband, for instance.



As well as Axel's letters other people wrote letters too, like Jenner and Lewis Carroll and even a very grown up letter from Amy's Boompa to an author. But you will have to put the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle together yourself.



Spying on people is strictly forbidden, but someone usedthe class's microcassette recorder to snoop on snippets of conversation.



Yack-till-U-drop is Karnyalimenya's very own throw-away electronic gossip event. It's trashed at the end of each day...but a few copies have been kept for the record.

Here they are.

#53: 11 - 17 July 1993
#74: 5 - 11 December 1993
#115: 18 - 24 September 1994

To Yack-till-U-drop, all you have to do is:


Private chat

Axel and Kim chat about nothing much--and other philosophical stuff

Kim and Farrel talk about life in general





Fuzzy Mazur holds the taperecorder and asks Professor Bud difficult questions during the class's excursion to the Antarctic Centre

Max Munro interviews Dr Mal about horses

Heather Robinson interviews Susan Tozer about the laptop program Wednesday 24 August 1994

Scott interviews Sandra Henry for his project on sheep (etc!)

Tara interviews six people for her project.

Susan Tozer interviews Sally Hertz Thursday 21 April 1994

Kim Rubenach interviews Axel Gunn about his nothing project. Because Axel can't speak--and to put them both on the same footing--Kim and Axel type their conversation on a desktop computer in the classroom after school.


Phone calls

Good morning. FutureNet. Cosi speaking.

Hoop, Dunnie.

Hi there. My name's Victoria. Who am I speaking to?

Mr Watson, come here! I want you!

Um, I'm Kevin.