How it begins for you...

You're looking at a computer screen.


How it begins for Axel...

A hot dog with a 10 cent coin hidden inside


Here are some of the other characters' stories...

A real Barbie

Alex wanted a Phantom comic

Amy peeled the jigsaw puzzle off the table and threw it against the wall.

Blood all over the sheets

But Hilary slept well.

Dial 7777777

Dylan's cut-away glasses

Fax of life

Fox smelt a rat.

Gimme the banana!

God was bored.

He didn't know where to hide.

Her breath is hot in your ear.

In a dark hour

In the silent hall

Itaipu--the story of the Guaraní indians of Brazil

Jo-Beth was rich.

Little Red Riding Hood

Minty McGuire

My mad mother

Nick swiped the card in the lock and entered the tower.

Once upon a universe

Perhaps Jacob could come, too.

Put down Henry

Queeny and Jack and the rest of the mob

Rattus Rattus

Ride to nowhere

Rondo alla turca

Sails swell. Cords creak.

She knew she shouldn't light the match.

She wished for a candle that would burn for ever.

Slow motion time bomb

Some female version of Michael Jackson

Some luke warm coffee

Spore flakes!

Talitha knew the woman was a witch.


The kids demanded more

This is not what I expected.

Those meesees!

Through the trapdoor


War against toys

When Nick's first baby tooth came out he didn't sell it to the Tooth Fairy.

Wreck Harbour