Let's start with these:

A mask at the window by Danielle Allegro

A phial full of poison or perfume by Axel Gunn

A sheet of Beethoven postage stamps (Fuzzy Mazur)

Alice dreams by Fuzzy Mazur

Ancient steps by Alice Liddell

Are all the poets old? by Amy Robinson

At Scullys Gully by Dudley Chamberlen

Avanti by Axel Gunn

Blockbuster by Sarah Marx

Broken leg by Damien Jones

Caitlin's menu by Emma Giovanni

Disturbed by feathers by Mai Nguyen

Do not fear the water by Gengha

Eczema by Christopher Hampton

Erase a face by Dylan Bywater

Feral by Nick van Twillert

Glass ceiling by Axel Gunn

How does it feel?

I am a person of silence by Dylan Bwyater

I had twelve children by Amy Robinson

I have been surrounded by whispers from birth by Jenner Jotic

I have gone by Axel Gunn

I hear weird music by Dylan Bywater

I love this Earth by Mai Nguyen

I speak fat words by Dudley Chamberlen

I took off my clothes and ran by the river. by Axel Gunn

If I could travel on the photon's wave by Kevin Yen

It must be time to make some planets. by Kevin Yen

I've spent my whole life looking out this window by Dylan Bywater

Kim stands in the playground by Milford McAlister

Kitchen sounds by Nick van Twillert

Laugh yourself sick by Milford McAlister

My Camera by Andrea McAlister

My sneakers paddle in distant shadows. by Axel Gunn

My life's like the Rivulet by Manty Spiliopoulos

Naked at the computer by Kevin Yen

Now it's dark in Jurassic Park by Hilary King

On a still day Milford McAlister

On my black T-shirt by Manty Spiliopoulos

Random eyes by Axel Gunn

Remembering Rachel by Max Munro

Schubert watching the snow by Kim Rubenach

Scott in the dark by Scott Tompson

Scully day by Nick van Twillert

Seven children die by Amy Robinson

Silence on Wednesday by Emma Giovanni

Some things by Duk San Wong

Song of me by Jenner Jotic

Space race by Ken Bywater

Stepped out of a war movie by Ian Zochling

Tara Tart by Tara Tate

Terrible thing by Graf Ito

Ten billion past none by Kevin Bywater

The choir screeched by Con Casimaty

The cool, green jade in the amulet that my husband brought home from the war by an Aztec woman

The dappled horse by Talitha Freeman

The edge of the sea by Kim Rubenach

The fields are wet by Danielle Allegro

The frogs are dying by Fuzzy Mazur

The kernel of a giant walnut sits in my skull. by Danielle Allegro

The Kingdom of God by Tara Tate

The eagle queen by Max Munro

Unforgettable Feelings by Christopher Hampton

Video queen by Becky Hamilton

We sailed into the bay of yesterday by Max Munro

What's Mozart to me? by Danielle Allegro

What I Think About by Sally Hertz

When mum-n-dad dragged Jodie and Jamie and me round Ireland by Axel Gunn

When things go stupid by Duk San Wong

Who will speak for me? by Farrel Corcoran



Here are the poems that are hard, weird or too-grown-up:

A pint of ale by Danielle Allegro

All in the golden afternoon by Lewis Carroll

Burgles by Simon Ulrich

Christmas-Greetings by Lewis Carroll 

Feelings.from.Carrickfergus by Poppy David

Full of paint by Amy Robertson

Here's a cyberstory by Ken Bywater

I am the shell within the shell by Danielle Allegro

I can't speak by Axel Gunn

In a white room by Milford McAlister

In Tomato Bay by Ken Bywater

Metaphors by Ian Zochling

Rune runner by Ian Zochling

Scary baby by Manty Spiliopoulos

Telephoto by Ken Bywater

The cries of the hamburger nights by Kim Rubenach

The night cow by Jamie Gunn

The sea's in my eyes as I crash by Ian Zochling

The walrus and the carpenter by Lewis Carroll

Through the Looking Glass--A Prefatory Poem by Lewis Carroll

To Stephen... by Kim Rubenach

Yaaargh by Peter Cahill