Naked on the train track

In an empty hallway...

I'm walking in a river. The water is up to my chest.

I go pop in the dark.

Philip Glass can't decide if he's a man or a mirror.


A spider has fallen from the ceiling onto my bed.

Wand from the womb

Water like hot coals roars in my chest.

I stare in horror at the vast chasm...


A huge cat steps over the horizon.

Emma can't remember ever having a dream. No. Never.

Up a long escalator

Faces in the dark

The palace is empty.

Black shiny party shoes from long ago

In an African tribal kingdom...

As the flames flicker around the man's feet...

I am looking for a toilet to sit on...

The stick turns into a tennis racquet...

I'm squashed into a vitamin capsule...

Sepia photographs

A black cross

Drink-diving again

The queen of the witches

The drop of poison

Cheerful pink pig heads

Squeak...squeak squeak-squeak

My chains are loose

Its breath stinks.

Lost in the woods...

Nuclear meltdown

His last few minutes of life

The beautiful blond female world champion skier...

I am cleaning people's bad skins...

A shaft of moonlight

The demon jumps on me.

Downhill fast without brakes

Talking in my head with the aliens' leader

Slender brown angels...

Like rave music never ceasing

In a glass coffin

A Lego pirate stumbles over me...

I am eating an icecream on a stick.

A baby tadpole squiggling in its egg

Six TVs sit around our dinner table...

Radiation man

A snail crawls on my face.

Bad feeling coming on

The fish tansforms...

Emeralds are in my hair.

Irma sits up straight on the operating table.

Fuzzy is riding a horse.

Alex and I start to make love...

I am a powerful warrior woman...

Bright morning

I'm squatting in a bucket...

Only then do I realise I've grown a tail.

It's Sunday. I'm on an island somewhere.

There's a door with a big brass key in the lock...

Slicing the wheat with our sickles

I'm running through the fields...

I'm riding a camel...

The eleven stars

I sit on my throne in the middle of the desert.

Shoulders as broad as a palace...

I am standing in my private courtyard...

At first Pharaoh doesn't notice the cup.

I am a little girl riding a tricycle.

A huge red car slams into me...

Covering every surface, multiplying, oozing...

Under my fingernails, in my ears, between my legs...

I am a tiny female TV reporter...

The embryo boys

In the royal bakery...

Mouldy, green and black fur...

Watching my junior queens bathe

A great stalk of wheat rises to the sky.

An invisible alien creature

I'm Siamese twins

I am in a room with a photocopier.

Copies of my face

I am digging down through a deep bed of lasagne.

A stick is chasing me through the school grounds.

Dangerous mould

All the family is eating the evening meal...

I am standing on a beach.

Covered with eyes

Then I hit the cat again.

A young Greek woman is burying her child.

Down the tunnel in the giant machine world.

Their lips don't move but I can hear them talking.

A young woman in a green bathing suit

I have won a major piano competition.

A large tick burrows into my left thumb.

Two naked actors wrestle on a movie set.

Within a fortnight he goes blind.

Extra parts to my body

Two babies

A third eye

I walk into the kindergarten.

Talitha and I look at the moon through a telescope.

The bill comes to $365.00.

Patent leather shoes

Huge amounts of meat and blood

The tide is rising.

Spinning my arms like a windmill

Finally it's Scott's turn to blast into space.

Fishing from a dinghy

Nazis torture British officers.

I notice that my abdomen is opened up.

I'll put the zucchini in the oven.

At an airport in the middle of the night

A life-size statue of a man carved from ebony

I'm trying to kill a snake in a cupboard.

Sand is in my mouth.

I want to poo.

I run along a rocky road in the wilderness.

I am the highway boss.

A fire is roaring in a bird cage.

Nooses around the necks of three young soldiers

I stand on the battlements of a castle in Spain.

Madam Joy

Jerk--y mov--ie of a grand ole op--'ry house...


Stupid movies

She snorts steam.

I watch a wedding.

I kill a big ant.

A man in a blue suit  

A lump of dog shit hangs from a branch in a Christmas tree.