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Click on the links to find questions that the kids and teenagers at Karnyalimenya School have asked me. You might find questions you've often thought of asking yourself--and you'll probably find questions that are just too weird for words.

If you want to ask me a question then send me an email today.

And if you have suggestions for how the categories could be improved then please let me know. They might seem a strange way to organise the questions. Perhaps my mind isn't logical enough. When you read my answers you'll see I can end up going all over the place if I don't concentrate and stick to the point. Thank goodness Kim helped me put the answers in hypertext so the answers aren't too long.

Oh, and there may be something else you're wondering.... Can the characters read the answers to other characters' questions?

I don't think so...but I'm not sure. I haven't quite figured it out yet. Sometimes it gets confusing working out who's real and who isn't!

I even wonder if I'm real, sometimes.

Virginia R. Claire