Dear Dr Claire--Quick questions

Dear Dr Claire



Am I normal?

Anyway, what is life?

Are the stories in the Bible true?

Are there any other ways of controlling my temper?

Aren't there always going to be problems like this?

At school we have to wear hats outside. But my parents never do.

Brothers are a pain. What can I do about them?

But sometimes what I call a 'silent argument' flares up and there is all this tension in the air.

But why do we die?

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Can cancer be cured?

Can dead people get sunburnt?

Can I get cancer from sitting too close to a TV or computer screen?

Can men have babies?

Can people be born without a brain?

Can people be born without any muscles?

Can people be born without arms?

Can you always find out why someone is sick?

Could my brain be developing slowly?

Could palmistry be true?

Danielle's project had a lot about diseases from rats. A lot of the problems seem to be diseases.

Do all questions have an answer?

Do girls fart? I've never heard one.

Do I have to spend my whole life looking after my baby brother?

Do you believe in God? By the way&who is God?

Do you believe in heaven and hell?

Do you enjoy being a doctor?

Do you ever get sick?

Do you ever say, 'This is going to hurt'?

Do you find it important how a doctor touches a patient?

Do you go to the doctor?

Do you know anything about Weil's disease?

Do you know everything about the body?

Do you like children?

Do you think it will be possible one day to have a brain transplant?

Do you think one day people will be able to live forever?

Does alcohol kill brain cells?

Does having your bum pinched by a boy classify as sexual harassment?

Does it hurt to have sex?

Does my brain listen to everything?

Does your brain get better if you exercise it?

Have you ever been to the Bermuda Triangle?

Have you ever had a weight problem?

Have you ever helped poor people in other parts of the world?

How can I improve my life?

How can I make friends?

How can I organise myself better?

How can I stay friends but stop her being so horrible?

How come girls have vaginas and boys have a penis?

How did life begin?

How do I know that I haven't got bad breath?

How do I know that I won't be gay when I grow up? I don't want to get AIDS.

How do I know where I am?

How do people get bald patches?

How do people get sick?

How do they know that none of the mushrooms at the supermarket are poisonous?

How do you cheer parents up from depression?

How do you find out if people have eye problems or not?

How do you get immune?

How do you make parents love each other?

How do your baby teeth know when to fall out&etc?

How does a stethoscope work?

How does acupuncture work?

How does food turn into energy and you and poo?

How long can most people hold their breath?

How many cells are there in the human body (on average)?

How many people die per year (on average)?

How many years do you have to train to be a doctor?

How much food should we store in our house if we want to make sure that we can last out a war?

How much water should I drink each day?

How would my life change if my mother and father got divorced?

I'm 10 but I had my first period when I was 9. Is that too young?

I'm 13. Am I too young to wear a tampon?

I'm always tired.

I'm not sure about my bionic ear operation.

I'm really good at swimming but I'm getting sick of it. What should I do?

I'm strangely and strongly attracted to my older sister. Is this sick or what?

I always fall asleep after lunch, just when we have to do maths.

I can't stop reading. Help!

I can't stop thinking of a certain disgusting thing.

I couldn't bear to say goodbye. Now I regret it very much. Want can I do?

I feel so sad for her. How can I help?

I have never had a dream. Does this mean there is something wrong with me?

I have shocking nose bleeds. What can I do to stop my nose bleeding?

I have shoplifted three times already and haven't been caught. Do you think I will stay lucky?

I have trouble sleeping lately.

I just can't seem to learn my multiplication tables.

I just want you to know that I love reading your answers to kids' letters.

I know ghosts aren't true&

I love cats. But I am allergic to cats. What can I do?

I love my teacher and can't get her out of my mind. What can I do about it?

I never seem to get jokes. Does this mean I'm dumb?

I read somewhere that the AIDS virus might mutate.

I saw a TV program about dentists using glass fillings.

I saw my mum and dad look at my little brother's bottom with a torch in the middle of the night.

I sort of know what an atom is but I'm not sure.

I thought I had a heart attack last night. Mum says it's just heartburn. What's that?

I want to be a pop star when I grow up so I want to start singing lessons soon.

I want to get recycled when I die. What's the best way to organise this?

I want to go to Mars.

I want to know where babies come from. I'm an only child so I haven't had much experience of this.

I was amazed to learn from my mother that I didn't learn to walk until I was 18 months old.

I was going to ask you to help with my problem about arachnophobia&

If blood is red why do the veins in my arms look blue?

If Michael Jackson has children will they have his small nose?

Is forgetfulness hereditary?

Is it best to have babies when you're young or older?

Is it possible that, in some weird way, we are the same person?

Is it safe to have babies at home?

Is it true about aliens and UFOs and stuff?

Is it true that grass causes brain damage?

Is it true that men's brain cells die off three times faster than women's brain cells?

Is it true that people who get married grow more like each other the older they get?

Is it true that some people cannot feel pain? What happens to them?

Is it true that ten million people in Australia will suffer hearing damage by the 2010s?

Is masturbating good or bad for you?

Is meditation good for you? Could meditation cure Milford of martial arts?

Is playing violent computer games bad for you?

Is swallowing chewing gum bad for you?

Is there is a wider range of types of Australian aborigines than there is of any other race?

Is there such a thing as cancer of the bottom?

Is there such a thing as pubic lice?

Isn't it weird how I can make these funny noises with my mouth and someone else can understand my thoughts.

Life in my family is a mess of arguments and blame. It makes me feel angry and sad and useless.

Like, I don't pay attention when the teacher is saying something new and then I never seem to catch up.

My aunty's got cancer again. What will happen this time?

My aunty wants to give me some of her flower remedies for my allergies. Will they work?

My big brother says a little bit of dope won't hurt. Is that true?

My dad says that I should put my budgie in an outside cage.

My family sometimes argues about abortion. What do you think?

My friend is a Buddhist. She doesn't eat meat. Will she get enough iron?

My little brother eats too many carrots. He's turning yellow.

My nanna says that 'Your school days should be the happiest days of your life.'

My sister's getting married and has stopped eating dessert. Will she get anorexia?

My sister is worried because they only sell junk food at the canteen at her school.

My sister said that some people can be really blind yet they believe they can see. Is this true?

My teacher says I have a yellow brain.

My uncle thinks the government spies on him through his television.

Should I take vitamins (supplements)?

Sometimes for no reason I feel really depressed.

Sometimes I feel all hot and wobbly and uncoordinated. Could it be MS?

Sometimes I just can't think of a word or of someone's name. Does that mean I'm going senile?

Then there's blood on the toilet paper. Is this serious?

What's a quark?

What's a quasar?

What's a rectal examination?

What's a virgin and how do you know if you are one or not?

What's artificial insemination?

What's it actually like to see a dead person?

What's oral sex? Is it kissing or is it something else disgusting?

What's orgasm? Is is catching?

What's the average age of death for Australians?

What's the best way to attract girls?

What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you as a doctor?

What's the use of crying?

What's the weirdest operation you've ever had to perform?

What's the world underwater swimming distance record?

What are Buckyballs?

What are dreams for?

What are glands?

What are my options for religion?

What can be done for arthritis?

What can I do about my boyfriend?

What can I do about my dandruff?

What causes acne?

What do healthy poos look like?

What happens if a baby dies before it is born?

What happens if your X-ray machine shows the wrong picture?

What happens when a baby is born?

What happens when you die?

What if my dog could have a computer implant in his brain. Could he become as smart as a human?

What if the hole in the ozone layer gets worse?

What is (was) the Big Bang? And did it?

What is a black hole, really?

What is happiness? How can I learn to be happy?

What is the cause of lightning?

What is the greatest weight ever lifted by a human being?

What is the tool you use the most?

What is the youngest that it is all right to start body building?

What is truth?

What is your favourite theory for why the dinosaurs were wiped out? Will we be wiped out?

What makes chicken pox?

What should I do if I get a headache?

What should I do? I feel dirty.

What was it like when you first touched a dead body or had to examine a cadaver?

What was the population of Sweden in 1950? And what were their names?

What were operations like before they had anaesthetics?

What will happen to the world when there are too many people?

When I get sick why do I have to have things that taste yucky?

When I grow up will people be scanned for cancer or be given a pill to cure them of cancer?

When I meditate I always imagine a clothesline with a pair of jeans hanging on it. Is that weird or what?

When my dog has a cold, can I catch it? What about fleas?

When should babies learn to walk?

When we go to the doctor's it always smells.

When you masturbate, do you feel both sides?

Why are babies cute?

Why are most boys faster than girls?

Why are some people bullies?

Why are some words rude?

Why are there more girls than boys in the world?

Why did Mummy and Daddy split up?

Why do doctors always look mean?

Why do I have to read the letters on the wall to have my eyes tested?

Why do I have to wear braces on my teeth?

Why do insects fly toward a light at night?

Why do men grow beards and women don't?

Why do moths and butterflies have that fine powder on their wings?

Why do my arms move backwards and forwards when I walk?

Why do people get ear aches?

Why do some foods taste hot even when they're cold?

Why do some people have false teeth?

Why do things stay put?

Why do we have to go to school?

Why do we have toes?

Why do we laugh?

Why do you have red spots when you have chicken pox?

Why do your fingers go blue when it is cold?

Why does everything happen at once?

Why does glue stick?

Why does it hurt when I put aluminium foil between my teeth?

Why does Mum insist I wash my hands after going to the toilet?

Why does my dog eat so fast?

Why does my family fart a lot and other families don't?

Why is a baby's head so big and its legs so small?

Why is the moon round?

Why is the sky blue?

Why is yellow yellow and blue blue?

Why isn't there a book that has magic spells to cure people?

Will I grow out of asthma when I get older?

Will pollution destroy the earth?

Will smoking stunt my growth?

Will the universe ever end?

Will there ever be a time when there will be no more bullies in the world? And no one will get teased?

Will there ever be machines too small to see?

Will they one day be able to make a glass eye that you can actually see with--with a computer in it?

Will we ever know scientifically about life after death?