Date: Oneday, 3 May 846BC 10:5400

To: [email protected] (Zeus, King of the Gods)

From: [email protected] (Hephaestus)

Subject: Re: Mother's Day card

Hi Zeus, Pop

>Get up here fast and undo your mother or you'll have me to contend with.

I'd love to come and help but unfortunately I'll be busy for the next few weeks getting ready for the Inventors' Akadummy Awards.

But if mummy is uncomfortable then just tell her how uncomfortable it is to be thrown to earth and have to be brought up by peasants.

Any way, if she fiddles with the chair a while she'll find two little levers to pull. She should try them and see what happens. One of them will loosen the bonds a little.

Oh, yes, and the other will tighten them. But I can't remember which is which.

>I'm going to count up to a million times pi and if you aren't here I'm coming

> to get you.

Just remember that if you zap me then *no one* will be able to release Mama. And if you make me feel *anyways* uncomfortable I might just have a memory lapse...

Cheerio for now.

Your loving son

He festers

H can do anything you can do better.