Date: Fri, 28 Oct 1994 07:01:59

To: [email protected] (Sachie Okada)

From: [email protected] (Axel Gunn)

Subject: Re: White wolf

Dear Sachie

It worked!

As I was going to sleep last night I practised what I was going to do with the wolf. And I told myself that I would definitely dream about him (or her).

Well, I did. But the dream was different this time.

I am walking along a rocky road that leads to a distant city. I can just see its spires and minarets floating in the distant haze. It is a beautiful city. This road is rough and seems to jut out from the side of a steep cliff so I can't go anywhere up or down--but just forward to the beautiful city or backwards to the forest and swamp that is a few days' walk behind me.

Everything is going well until I see ahead of me the great white wolf. It is staring at me. Then it opens its mouth to show its gleaming white razor sharp teeth. It howls at me--though silently I think, I can't hear any noise from it.

I am incredibly frightened. Now I won't be able to go to the city...and the wolf will kill me in a minute.

Then I realise that there is a huge hole in the road in front of me, like a landslide filled with boulders. The wolf won't come across to get me so if I stay here I'm safe.

That's when I remember what you told me. I decide to go to the city anyway.

I realise that I have a tennis racquet in my hand, so I wave it round above my head and shout at the wolf. (My voice is working in my dream!)

Then I climb down into the chasm and leap across the boulders and go up the other side onto the road. The wolf is still there, but it isn't looking so sure of itself now. I yell at it again and wave the tennis racquet fiercely. (Not that the wolf will even feel the tennis racquet if I hit him with it).

The wolf turns and trots off toward the city. I ran after him.


So far, so good, Sachie, thank you.

Now it's time for breakfast.


Axel Gunn

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