Date: Sat, 22 Oct 1994 19:08:42

To: max.munro (Max Munro)

From: axel.gunn(Axel Gunn)

Subject: Re: Mandy's funeral


>and I when I interviewed our vet (I mean our animals' vet Dr Mal--when

>he came out to our place after the funeral and he started talking about how

>horse's see--well, I asked him, I wanted to know whether or not it was just

>bad luck that she got kicked in the face) suddenly I had this picture in my

>mind that I couldn't get rid of...

Jeez, Max ole buddy, that's heavy. I mean, I know what it's like to get some idea in my head that I can't get rid of, but usually it's not so bizarre as that. Like, I am *perpetrating* violence on my brother or something. Or more like memories of bad dreams (like the one where the flesh of my fingers ends at the middle knuckle and only the bone sticks out after that).

But this really bad true stuff about your friend Mandy is something else.

Con has told me he has had this problem and when it didn't go away he wrote to Dr Claire who gave him some good advice. It was only after that that *I* decided that I would trust Dr Claire with one of my problems.

So what if you ask Con if you can read Dr Claire's answer to his problem. It might make you feel heaps better.

But anyway, why don't you come round to my place tomorrow and play Cosmic Avenger to take your mind off it. Afterwards we can play pool and practise kickboxing. My dad's set up a punching and kicking bag thing in the rumpus room which we can belt to we're stuffed (seeing it already is).



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