Date: Fri, 14 Oct 1994 09:37:14

To: [email protected] (Sachie Okada)

From: [email protected] (Axel Gunn)

Subject: Re: My project


>about when you ran through the window when you were a little kid. And

>what about the story of the mirror that belonged to the father of a kid in

>your class. And then there's the washing up story that your dad himself told

>me. There are probably other things.

Yes. You're right. I'd forgotten how many bad things have happened to me with glass. It's probably post doormat amnesia, as my dad says when I forget to wipe my muddy feet when I come in the house.


BTW (Ms Rubenach says that's the short way to write 'by the way' on an email) BTW, I have discovered a few glassy things for myself. Enough, in fact, to get off the broken glass (so to speak) and onto unbroken glass. For instance, I have found--

- a famous composer

- glass from ancient Egypt

- how they made the first flat glass in Italy

- and lost of other stuff which you can read in my project which I will send to you when I have finished.

Your ole buddy