Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 21:05:30
To: [email protected](Kim Rubenach)
From: [email protected] (Axel Gunn)
Subject: Help with the mystery

Hello Ms Rubenach, woops, Kim (you told me call to you) it was great to meet you on the beach this afternoon and play with Zen and Zee.

It's a long time since we've been on a beach together but I remember it well. It was before my accident.

But why I'm writing to you tonite is that I was too embarrassed to ask you a question today that I really need to know the answer for.

It's about Alice.

You remember Alice Liddell? You know how we were friends back then in your class. And you probably know what happened a year or so later? Well, a few days ago I was trying to remember when I first met Alice...and I couldn't. It seems as tho' she's always been around (in the background, so to speak) but when I thought about it carefully I realised I couldn't remember anything clearly about her before we were both in your class. In fact, I can only remember stuff that happened in third term. You know, when we had that excursion along the Hobart Rivulet. At least I think it was from about that time that I can remember her. But I'm not sure.

Can you remember? Was she in your class all the year--which was 1994, I think.

Please don't think this is a trivial question. I've been (gulp) in love with Alice for a long time now, but since I fell in love with her I've never actually seen her. She's always moving round and we keep in touch with phone calls, email, letters, whatever. And she often comes to see me and I go to see her but--it's like magic--something always happens and we never actually meet up. I don't think it's on purpose or anything like that, I don't think she's avoiding me, she says she loves me, too, it's just that I haven't actually seen her in the flesh for months. Or is it years?

So what I would like to ask you is, can you please tell me when she actually first came to Karnyalimenya School?

And there's another favour I'd like to ask. I don't have a photograph of her. I know it's a lot to ask, but if you have one in your old school records then I would really appreciate it if you could give me a copy of it.

I would even pay for it, but I know you're too generous for that.

Oh, but don't bother looking in the school magazine. Somehow or other she never ended up with her photo in the school magazine either.

Sorry to make you read such a long message. Please help if you can.





Axel Gunn's