Saturday 19 November 1994

Wandered round the Australian Wooden Boat Festival. Ended up on board Karl and Kathy's boat Porpoise . (I thought that would be a better name for a submarine.) Nibbles and drinks all round and suddenly it was 8 o'clock! Lights across the harbour very romantic, shifting in the zephyrs. And for only $200 I could be a hand on board Endeavour when she sails for Sydney tomorrow evening. Tempting.

While we were yacking about this-sailing-life, submarines, the Net, mothers, cosmology, tropical medicine, whatever, Andy Graham pops up out of the grey slick next to the boat and clambers on board. Shiver. 'Gimme a beer,'... shiver...and then tells us the Frenchman Guy Delange has announced his plan to swim the Atlantic (!!!) starting next month. This desperately stuffs up Andy's plan for swimming Bass Strait next year. Now no one will be interested. That National Geographic article will elude him. I wonder what he will come up with now.