Friday 2 September 1994

Stephen was going to take me to see The Secret Garden (the movie) but I ended staying the night at his place instead.

Just happened to turn on the telly to see Marilyn Monroe playing a cute-voiced starlet-wanna-be who is abducted by a rodeo cowboy who wants her to marry him and live in the snowy wastes of Montana. Et cetera. Pathetic movie really, but some nice comic scenes by Monroe.

I wonder if Max's sister Marilyn (spelt 'Munro') will ever achieve her ambition to emulate her namesake. She's as pale and pouty as Norma Jean and she has an incipient sexuality, while ever so young.

At least it's not insipid sexiness. I've had enough of that.

Now for the real thing. Let's see if it's as good as the magazines say it is.