Saturday 2 July 1994

Went to D&B Warehouse this morning to buy some Superglue to fix my favourite Nikes. I procrastinated in the paint department and came out with a tin of a yummy gamboge. With which I will improve the clasroom notice board.

While I was waiting at the checkout the old lady in front of me dropped dead, just like that! One moment she was swiping her Visa card through the hand-held gizmo and the next she was lying on the concrete floor. I'd never seen a dead person before.

There was no point trying to resuscitate her, you could see she was dead. She must have had a massive heart attack. Perhaps her soul slipped through the slot in the credit card machine and got away. As I drove home afterwards the world seemed grey for a while, as though something vital had been sucked out of it. Then suddenly it turned incredibly bright.