Friday 13 May 1994

For my birthday Mrs McAlister made the finest chocolate cake I have ever tasted--decorated with dark icing and crinkles of cream.One discreet candle in the centre. A surprise just before recess time. The children hushed and prepared.

At 10.25 Fuzzy came in saying that Andrew next door wanted to see me right away. He fobbed me off with some excuse about the photocopier not working...could I fix it during lunch? When I came back the kids were nowhere to be seen. Or heard. Only a birthday cake, one candle burning, sitting on a desk in the middle of the room. Then the kids exploded from their hiding places and the party began!

They sang Happy Birthday loud enough to crack the ceiling. I told Kevin it was my fourth birthday cake on such an inauspicious day. I could hear the cogs cogitating in the little numerologist's head.