Tuesday 5 April 1994

Walked to Trafalgar Square to watch the nations of the world feed the pigeons while I ate a hideous hot dog. True Brit!

The National Gallery is a treasure trove of European painting. Saw some favourites by Piero, Titian, Turner, Vermeer, Van Gogh, Leonardo, Veronese... Unbelievable.

Walked 'n' walked...and got more or less lost till I came to Liberty where I 'bumped into' Meg Tranter who is learning composition at Kings. And playing in Amsterdam every second weekend! She let 'Madam' try on an Issey Miyake dress worth 2300 pounds!

Saw Sunset Boulevarde at the Adelphi. Great sets, good acting, pathetic story, boring songs. What a disappointment...though Betty Buckley was brilliant.