Sunday 3 April 1994

Easter Day. A stroll to the cathedral--all things white and wonderful--

then on to Raffles for a Singapore Sling.

By cable car to Santosa Island. A rhinoceros beetle and a crystal butterfly from the deepest, darkest Amazon...and 5000 fish swimming over a plastic tunnel--including a huge blue cod with a blue eye and bright blue lipstick. Later, on the monorail, little Singapore ladies wanted to chat with me. Laughed a lot.

At 'Mount' Faber enjoyed a sunset view and explored the forest where no tourists or even the locals go. Walked down to a high rise housing area and strolled along feeling quite safe. Relaxed and peaceful. Kids ran to daddy as he arrived home from work. Old people set up a stall or played board games. Caught a taxi back to the hotel for a ten dollar coke, a shower, and...back to the airport.