Tuesday 8 March 1994

At the beginning of my run this afternoon I ran down through Acanthe Park. I come over the brow of the hill and heard floating up through the gum trees the sound of pipes, drum and guitar. I looked down through the trees into Jenny's backyard. There was Elspeth with her two dark, handsome friends from Peru playing songs of the Andes. Elspeth was sitting on the grass with her back to me, playing the panpipes. Her companions had seen me running down the hill towards them. They watched me distantly, fantasising I'm sure...

I ran round and round the park about twenty times to hear them as long as I could. Such simple beautiful sad gently dancing poignant music.

As I ran up beside New Town Rivulet and onto the mountain I couldn't get Paul Simon's words out of my head: 'I'd rather be a sparrow than a nail. Yes I would, if I only could, I surely would.'