Tuesday 15 February 1994

These kids are supposed to be all gifted at language. I thought they would be quoting Shakespeare at me all the time. But they're rapt in The Silver Sword . Though it's pretty meaningless to Farrel, the deaf boy. He's amazing at reading lips but it's impossible in a situation like this. So I let him curl up in a corner by himself and read what he wants to--although that's usually Asterix or Tin-Tin . He loves the visual humour but I wonder how much of the literary subtleties he picks up.

And being Shrove Tuesday we tossed pancakes. Stuffed ourselves silly with a dozen varieties--ham and cheese pancakes, cranberry and sour cream(!) pancakes, tomato and basil savoury name it.

Luckily we covered the carpet near the tossing area with plastic first.