Monday 10 January 2000

Thank god Stephen has a few days off and we can get our family life back to some sort of normalcy. Like, I can sleep in and just ease off a bit with the kids.

In fact the twins are beaming today so I take them into town and buy some extremely cute bathers that cover them neck to knee, kneck to elbow.

'Pwotek Zee from You Vee,' says Zen.

'And sumburn cream on Zen's nozzze,' says Zee.

Then it's off to Hinsby Beach where I remember there's some shade in the afternoon and we play in the sand and the seaweed and Stephen stuffs around with the kids in the water while I doze and only wake up when I hear someone say, 'Ms Rubenach' and it's a young hunk whose face seems vaguely familiar but I don't recognise his voice. It sounds a bit like Stephen Hawking but it seems to come from his mouth all right. And of course I realise it's Axel, who I was only thinking about a few days ago.

He can speak!