Sunday 9 January 2000

Understandably Stephen is tired today as it took him eight hours yesterday to clean up the mess. So I make a vow never to scream at the children again but Stephen says, no, it's fair enough. I would've screamed if I'd been in your situation.

To help me--help us all--I say, we'll go on a family outing. OK, OK, he says, but make it suitable for the children and I say, I haven't fed my brain for a month I want to see some art it's years since we've seen an exhibition --so we go to see the City of Hobart Art Prize and I must say I'm impressed with the range and the quality and I think these can't all be locals but a lot of them are tho' some are from interstate. My favourite is a painting titled Untitled (pink) which is pink (bars of pink like a lipstick radiator) and next to it is a wonderful portrait of perhaps the artist's father wearing a paper crown and eating Christmas dinner, behind him a glorious renaissance tapestry all crimson with gold lilies. It reminds me of Pop at Christmas dinner only days ago.

Kim's pop at Christmas dinner '99
And there's a stupendous collection of porcelain and other ceramic ware including a girl with ears all over her and her head transposed 90° so that the right side of her head is attached to her neck. Listening to the future, I think.