I live 13 minutes by bus from school. The bus travels down Park Street 8 minutes after leaving the bus stop outside Karnyalimenya.

My original given names were Fiona Michelle so when I was very young every one called me Fee or Feefee.

When I was still little I had straight hair. When I was five I got German measles. I had a high fever. My temperature got up to 40 degrees Celsius. Four days later, when I had got better, my hair had changed. Instead of being straight it had turned fuzzy. No one knows why. The doctor said it was a mystery. But from then on I was called Fuzzy and I've been Fuzzy ever since.

Except that my dad still calls me Feefee. He always will.

I don't mind.

My project is about the Aztecs because 'Aztecs' has a 'z' in it and my name has three zeds. (Is that a record?)

Three zees.

Three izzards.

My descriptive video is about the Aztecs, too. It's called Firefly because, despite the horrible things the Aztecs did (sacrifices and cannibalism, for instance), their religion originally had good things in it. By the time the Spanish got to America, the Aztec (Nahuatl) religion had become very, very dark. Only a tiny bit of light was left shining in the dark. Anyway, that's what Irene Nicholson wrote in her book about Aztec religion and poetry: Firefly in the Night.

I hope she doesn't mind if I pinch her idea.

Talking about pinching things...While Kevin was under the influence of Sally (before she left) he actually pinched my bum! I talked about it with Ms Rubenach. She thought it was probably the worst bit of sexual abuse that we had experienced at Karnyalimenya. (Not that it seemed that bad to me...there are more tender things than your backside that can be pinched.) Anyway, Ms Ruby advised me to write to Dr Claire about it. I didn't want to myself. So one day I was talking with Farrel's friend Erica and I asked her to write to Dr Claire on my behalf. So she did. I thought Dr Claire's answer was all right.

Dr Claire also answered some useful questions (from other people) about diet and eating. You see, I eat a lot (not that I'm fat or anything) but I wonder what will happen to me in the future, when I'm older and my metabolism slows down. 'Cos that's what Mum reckons is the cause of my eating. Tho' I reckon it's worrying about her that makes me anxious and want to eat. I mean, wouldn't you get anxious if your mum had to be put in hospital because she had gone crazy?

Not that she's really mad. It's just that she gets depressed, then she gets sort of the opposite of depressed. Manic, I think they call it.

Mania. Tasmania.

No wonder.

But seriously, it's not only my mother that worries me. I really worry about the whole world. Like what are the effects of pollution and the hole in the ozone layer?