I catch the bus every day after school. It goes by at 3.30pm, give or take a minute.

My descriptive video is all about the class camp. Although I do love scary things. When I used to visit Nanna I almost hoped she would turn into the Big Bad Wolf. Since then I've been fascinated by horror.

When I was writing my descriptive video I had to control myself to stop it turning into a horror story.

Maybe the 5/6 camp video could turn into a horror story. Maybe it coiuld be called Kim's Kids.

My project is about kitchen chemistry. That was the cause of the disaster on the camp.

My brother is a solid chunk of bone and muscle...especially in his head. He can't even run properly. He sort of flaps his arms and slaps his feet on the ground. But he's so strong that he still wins every race he goes in any way, if it's more than 100 metres.

I asked Dr Claire a question about abortion becasue it's discussed a lot in our family. My mother's a Catholic so she thinks one thing (although she doesn't believe everything the Pope says) and my dad's a sort of know-it-all-smartypants (although he's really nice, too, and sensible, really)...

By the way, the boy I like the best at the moment is Jackson Kloser. You should see how cool he looks when he's blading. He wears those daggy, baggy shorts and a baseball cap back-to-front (of course) and a T-shirt that's says The King on it in a graffiti sort of flouro. He's the only person I've ever seen who can do a 360 in a concrete pipe while he's eating a gelati. It's true to say I idolise him. I'd like to go out with this hunk but unfortunately he's 19. Even more unfortunately, he's gay. At least that's the rumour.

But I love him anyway. And I wouldn't care what sort of relationship we had, as long as he would teach me some of his tricks. A 360 would do for a start. Tho' I would start off without the icecream.



What I hate about school is when Ms Rubenach wants us to talk about our dreams. I mean, I have never had a dream. Well, hardly ever. So when it comes to talking about them I feel dumb.

It's even worse when it comes to writing about them. I either have to pretend, or ask if I can get on with my project or something.