I like animations.

I was conceived on Saturday morning in front of cartoons.

My deaf teacher reckons I like cartoons because they're easy to think of in present tense, which how I think most. She says.

I thought every one lived in present. You could of fooled me.

That's why I don't give stuff about things like Sally Hertz. Though, come think, where is Sally Hertz? I haven't seen her a long time. A week? A month? I dunno.

That's why I like Danielle.

That's why I am first person meet Alice.

And first person kiss Alice.

Axel is jealous.

He is good friend.

Next to Arnold Scwharzisname, he is my best friend.

And my best interest is microhorror.

And my worst thing is I am deaf. Although there people who disagree. Like they think deaf is good and I can see their point. They have a motto.

After it, I have only ever hear three sounds. Which are, in order:

Axel's dad banging with hammer.

Helicopter at Julie wedding.

And something at movieworld I think.