Dr Claire says to Mike Marx, 'Slip off your pants and climb on the couch. Lie on your left side. That's right. Tuck your knees up towards your chin...'

Mike is a good boy and does what he's told.

Dr Claire continues, 'Now this may feel a bit uncomfortable but it will only take a minute.' She slips her finger into his rectum.

Dr Claire pushes and probes. It doesn't hurt. It just feels like going to the toilet when you really need to--only in reverse.

--Everything seems OK in here.

Dr Claire keeps pushing. Mike thinks: When will she finish?

--Pop your clothes back on. Please.
--Yes, everything looks reasonable. Feels OK.

Mike starts to feel the hot flush of relief. But then she says:

--The prostate is slightly enlarged. But that's normal for a man your age. Maybe it's a bit on the firm side.
--Just to make sure I think we'd better run a little test past it.
--It just measures the level of a hormone put out by the prostate.
--If there's a tumour then there's more hormone than there should be. But because there's more hormone after an ejaculation you'll have to avoid having an orgasm for two days before the test.
--That's not too hard to manage?