axel-and-alice: the movie



The story so far&

Towards the end of the 21st century, cybiotic war breaks out on Earth. Following ecological collapse, the human population dies.

Off-planet scientists and technicians survive to complete two of the gigantic, cylindrical spacecraft they are 'growing', ready to explore the galaxy.

Centuries later the occupants of one of the spacecraft find themselves entering a no-go zone controlled by an advanced alien civilisation.

Humankind is not ready for contact with its galactic neighbours. After ignoring subtle warnings, the aliens damage the spacecraft sufficiently for it to be knocked off course. It will take a thousand years for the outer layer of the spacecraft to repair itself. Meanwhile it becomes uninhabitable.

A small group of humans enters the interior of the cylindrical spacecraft, there to live for a thousand years in a world they have created just in time.

As knowledge of the past is forgotten evil begins to influence the occupants of the inner world. That world, too, begins to crumble.

But biological material present in the asteroid the aliens used to knock the cylindrical spacecraft off course had contaminated the brain of a girl who was alive at the time of impact. She has been preserved ready for the time when she can create a new type of spacecraft that can take the survivors back to earth.

After an heroic journey, a boy from the inner world reaches the outer world, meets the girl and, together, they prepare for departure.

The tiny group of humans returning to earth finds it restored, a new world, Eden. For generations they live a simple and peaceful life until, one day, something blazes in the sky.

The sole survivor from the other cylindrical spacecraft has landed, bringing knowledge that will transform everything.

This knowledge ignites a new way of understanding the universe. Time travel becomes possible--but not for humans. A miniature version of the original spacecraft, impregnated with a descendant of the alien biological material, is sent back into the 20th century.

The chemical has its greatest effect on young people, heightening their powers of language and mathematics. Some of these (once ordinary) children gather in a school where they can give full expression to their powers.

None of this is miraculous. Normal kids just have a chance to be themselves.

Other strange things happen as the alien chemical works deep in the kids' brains. Their true intelligence is released. Some of them now see things that once they could only imagine.

A few young people encounter a cybernetic alien--Elar, the molyth--who appears to grant them unusual powers.

Then a machine in the interior of the miniature spacecraft gets to work. Combined with the effects of the alien drug, the kids, their families and their teachers now experience a further increase in the powers of their imagination. Events in the mind seem to become events in the real world.

This reaches a critical stage when a character in a book becomes alive.

Will this change the future? Or is it just the byproduct of their over-active imaginations?

To find out, you'll have to read the book. But which book? That's the question.

Woops, I got carried away and told you the whole story&

Bad luck--no movie! But now you know my theory of what axel-and-alice is all about.

You'll have to decide for yourself.