From high up on a building in an ancient city I watch the wedding of the queen's daughter. The queen's subjects cheer as the bridal party climbs the side of the building to stand on a very narrow ledge so the crowd can see.

Then the queen gets her horse to jump up and stand on this ledge, which is only about 20 cm wide. The wedding party and the crowd get very excited and prepare to rush to the reception to get photographs of the princess's arrival. The queen is so excited and youthful that she jumps off her horse and scales the side of the building to take a short cut. She wants to be first at the reception. Every one is amazed at this. A female announcer says over a public address system, 'Some of us think there are two stars of this wedding. One is the princess and one is the queen.'

The people in the crowd who agree that the princess is the star applaud enthusiastically. I applaud happily for the queen. Then we run off to photograph the arrival of the princess.