I'm talking with two little six-year old girls. One of them is my daughter Becky. She is really pretty but she has only one eye, right in the middle of her forehead. I point this out to the other girl, explaining that Becky usually has two eyes and she is just having fun changing her face.

To prove it, Becky looks away coyly, presses her head gently against the corner of a grey brick wall and...presto, she has two eyes again. She's a beautiful child.

The other little girl and I are amazed. Becky then proceeds to perform a serious of hilarious transformations of her nose. First she makes it long and bulbous, then she turns it, in sequence into a Roman nose, a snub nose, a big crude nose, then a nose that is like an combination of a child's toy boat and a toy train made from shiny, colourfully enamelled tin. She snorts steam.

It's hilarious. We laugh and laugh.