I spit out the sand

I also spit out pearls

each pearl has a message

inscribed in it by the red light

of a laser

the pearls

are packed into sausages

and end up on barbecue plates

in Argentina


and Chile

Aztec chieftains

swallow them whole

and make grave


about the end of the world


I'm back on the beach

singing the national anthem

and shitting jellyfish

I try to wipe my backside

with seaweed

but it's all gone

and I'm in the middle

of a shopping mall

school kids and pensioners

pass me by

and take no notice

of course they don't

I've become a character

in a book

on display

on a table

of odds and ends

I struggle

to burst from the book

but to no avail

the book is closed

and it's dark inside

then a teenager comes

and picks up the book

and flips through the pages

as soon as she gets

to the page

where I am first mentioned

I leap out of the book

and slip up her sleeve

she doesn't even notice

I travel up her arm

till I reach her armpit

which is warm and moist

and snug

I stay there

for the rest of the day

while she carries me around

going about her business

at night

it's too hot

I sneak out from her bedclothes

and stroll through her house

to the refrigerator

looking for something to eat

there's a jar

full of yogurt and olives

and a tiny boy

in a plastic bag

I decide to eat him

his head tastes like toffee

but before I have chewed much

there is an explosion

I realise the refrigerator

is a rocket

the door has slammed shut

it is dark

there is a tremendous noise

and vibration

and I am pressed to the floor

of the refrigerator

it feels like a concrete statue

has stepped on me

I know

we are travellling

into a space

full of granulated coffee


I am sitting next to my mother

on the steps of a library

which roars in flames

behind us

the smell of coffee

fills the air

sheep with burning fleeces

float past us

just above the ground

in the distance

a dog barks

and people blow

on tin whistles

I'm on a train

rocking round a bend

towards a high bridge

over a canyon

I know what will happen

I have seen it on a movie

the bridge will collapse

when the train gets

half-way across

a huge conductor

with hairy legs

and a black moustache

but dressed like a ballerina

gives me a stick of gum

and says

'Here, chew this.'

the chewing gum is sweet

and stretchy

I realise

it is my responsibility

to fix the bridge

I climb out the window

and crawl along under the train

as it whistles over

the clanking tracks

and reaches the bridge

in slow motion

I wrap the bridge with gum

as we pass over it

the bridge holds together

and we reach the other side

in safety

the train stops at the station

all the passengers alight

and douse each other

with fire extinguishers

and sing marching songs

in loud voices

and my mother

who is wearing

a nurse's uniform

turns to me

and says

'My hero!'

then wades off

through the platform

which is now wet concrete

she leaves a trail

that is so beautiful

it's like a gold chain

round the neck of a god

I have a beautiful feeling

like leaves are falling on me

like a hundred hands stroke me

like I'm perfume

in a bottle

like I'm soap

sliding over a princess

like I'm a violin

in a nursery for new babies

playing a sentimental