Finally it's Scott's turn to blast into space. He sits on a wooden school chair with an old TV set over his head.

Just before take-off I notice that he is not plugged in. There's no power point in the room. I trundle Scott in his mini-spacecraft to another building. I find a power point and plug him in just as the count-down starts.

Then I realise that this building may not be certified. If the ceiling and roof are built out of too dense a material then he could be killed as he blasts through. If I unplug him now he loses forever his opportunity to get to the space station which is the take-off point for the mission to Mars. But if I let him go he might be killed or injured as he goes through the roof.

As the countdown nears 4, 3... I rip out the power lead so that he can't take off. He is very disappointed and the other people around are astounded.

But I am angry. It's not my fault, it's NASA's fault. They should have made sure that everything was ready for take-off.