I have won a major piano competition and have been called to give a recital. My recording company has given me an official, bright pink shirt to wear which I don't like very much.

Then I'm eating lunch with a large Italian family. I am quite annoyed about this because I still haven't started my piano recital. I am asked to sit at the place at the table furthest from the mother.

Someone mentions the scientific work the mother is doing with an endangered species of fish. I sneak off to look in her lab. The flesh of one of the fish is partly dissected on a dinner plate. Lots of scientific gear, data and research papers are spread around. I am fascinated by all this and forget about the meal for some time. When I finally remember and return I find the family is offended and the mother is furious.

I run off to the concert hall to play my recital. But somehow it doesn't seem such a big deal any more.