I stare into a washing machine which is occupied by an invisible alien creature--a child. I need to wash my clothes so I take them off and put them in the washing machine. I strongly sense the presence of the invisible alien child.

Then a power lifts me off the ground and I float effortlessly down a passage, close to the ceiling. My parents say: 'Oh, ah!' I float to the kitchen. I can see the little alien boy beneath me, looking up. He is terrified of me.

Still floating, I pick up the terrified child and place my hand on his head so that my fingers touch his forehead. While my family watches, my fingers sink into the alien boy's head. I concentrate on transmitting a magic force.

The little boy gradually loses his terror. The look on his face is transformed into one of intense love. His face is so beautiful it glows.

Every one is very happy because the invisible power in the laundry is now available for all of us.