I stand by the Nile watching my junior queens bathe in the water. In the distance boatmen ply the river. A hunter fires a dart at a bird.

I feel sleepy. I gaze at the sun reflecting off the water. It dazzles me. I think I see bubbles in the water. At first I think it's a hippopotamus. But, no. A number of dark, mysterious animals float up from the depths. Their horns break the surface and they swim to shore.

Seven sleek, fat cows waddle up out of the river and stomp into the reeds that grow on its banks. The cows graze on the reeds. Munch. Munch. They don't stop eating. They grow fatter and fatter.

Then seven skinny, ugly cows stagger out of the Nile and stand beside the fat cows--who by now have eaten all the reeds. There's nothing for the skinny cows to eat. So the skinny cows attack the fat cows and kill them with their horns and their hoofs. Then they eat the fat cows. They eat and eat. But no matter how much they eat, the skinny cows don't grow any fatter.