I sit on my throne in the middle of a desert. Nothing else is there. No building. No person. No animal. No plant. Nothing. The sun beats down.

The ground shakes. The sand trembles like the surface of a pool when a breeze blows. About ten paces in front of me a dome of gold rises out of the sand. It glistens in the sun. In a few moments a small hill of gold gleams before me-- more than all the gold in Babylon.

Still the thing rises. Curls and squiggles glint on the dome. Like hair that is oiled. Then the dome narrows into the shape of a head. It has eyes, ears, a nose, a mouth. The gigantic head is as big as a sphinx. It thrusts up from the sand as a fist plunges through dough. Its great gold eyes stare at me but do not see. Soon the head is entirely out of the sand. Its neck is a golden column, as wide as an elephant.

Then I leap from my throne and run, as mighty shoulders disturb the ground.