There's a door

with a big brass key in the lock

the key turns by itself

the door opens


there's a king

on a rainbow throne

in the middle

of a floor

made from glass

which you can see through

to the stars and galaxies below

in a circle

round the rainbow throne

are 24 smaller thrones

these are made from gold

and on each one

sits an old man, dressed in white

they're all looking at

the face of the king

on the rainbow throne

which is so bright

I wish I had my sunglasses

but after a while

my eyes get used

to the brightness

except when

thunder peals

and lightning bolts


from the rainbow throne

but even this

doesn't cause a flicker

to the seven gold lamps

that blaze

around the rainbow throne


just in time I remember

the big guy had told me

I've got to write all this down

so I scribble for a minute

trying to describe everything

then I watch a while

to see what will happen next

I see

four weird animals

each with six wings

the animals

are completely covered

with eyes

(even under their wings!)

the animals look like

a lion

an ox

a monkey

and an eagle

and they shout

at the top of their voices

'Holy holy holy

is the God of the universe

who was

and is

and is to come'

each time the animals shout


the old men fall off their thrones

and lie face down

on the glass floor

and worship the king

it all makes me

want to shout

and worship, too

but I've got to concentrate

and write everything down

to report to my friends

next thing I notice

(though I'm not sure

if it wasn't there all the time)

is this huge scroll

of rolled up paper

like a sheet of stainless steel

covered with gold foil

which the king holds

in his right hand

seven lumps

like melted diamond

seal the edge of the scroll

so that no one can open it

next moment

another huge guy

all dressed in white


next to the rainbow throne

and says into a microphone

in a voice so loud

it nearly wrecks my eardrums

'Who is worthy

to break the seals

and open the scroll?'

this message echoes

all round

the universe




but no one answers

and I start to weep

it's obvious

that the scroll

is the scroll of the future


that's going to happen

from now

till the end of time

is written in the scroll

but no one can open it

it doesn't seem fair

that no one is good enough

to break the seals

and read the scroll

I bawl, uncontrollably

until one of the old men

comes over and tells me

'Don't cry,

take a look at this!'

and there on the rainbow throne

instead of the king

is a one-year old lamb

with blood pouring from its neck

all over its pure white wool

the lamb has seven horns

and seven eyes

at first I am shocked

it looks so weird

but when I concentrate

I can see that the lamb

is really a man

a normal looking man

and the lamb

is a thought-projection

a sort of picture

that explains

who he is

this man just stands

on the throne

in the middle of the rainbow

and I can't help but think

he sort of smiles

and winks

just at me

in fact

he looks a bit like

the huge guy

who is actually showing me

this movie


it's a super amazing home movie

all about him

but then he looks so sad

I want to weep again

but I can't

because the unbelievable sound

of one hundred million voices

all singing at once


'Worthy is the lamb

that was slain


With your blood

you paid for the sins

of all the humans on Earth

and of those who live

in space


You are worthy

to open the scroll'


I had to think about this

what could it mean?

but the man on the throne

was holding the scroll

in one hand

and with the other

was tugging at the first seal

(it was hard to remember

that I was watching a movie

in a cave

on an island

in the Mediterranean Sea

and that soon

guards would find me

and take me back to prison)

But back to the movie...

the lamb man opens the first

of the seven seals

and opens his mouth

to read what's there

but I can't understand

a word of it

I must look confused

because one of the four animals

covered with eyes

sees me

(hardly surprising

with all those eyes)

and flies over to me

and says

'Look at the hologram'

and sure enough

right in front of me

is a 3D projection

with pictures

that must stand

for the words in the scroll

and what I see is


(seal # 1)

a white horse

on the horse sits a rider

holding a bow

he is given a crown

he rides out to conquer


then the man

breaks the other seals

one by one

and each time

the picture changes


(seal # 2)

here's a fiery red horse

whose rider is given power

to take peace from the earth

so that men

will kill each other


(seal #3)

on a black horse

a rider holds scales in his hand

while one of the animals cries

'A litre of wheat

for a day's wages

and three litres of barley

for a day's wages

and do not damage

the oil and the wine!'


(seal #4)

Death rides a pale horse

he is given power

over a quarter of the earth

to kill with swords

and famine

and plague


(seal #5)

under an altar

the souls of all the people

who have been killed

because they love God

cry out

'How long

oh God

before you judge

the inhabitants of the earth?'

then each of them is given

a white robe

and told to be



(seal #6)

a great earthquake

destroys cities

smoke from fires

makes the sky black

the moon rides high in the sky

it's a deep red colour

like blood

meteors fall to earth

then a hurricane roars

and the sky rolls up like a scroll

ripping up mountains

and islands

with it

into space

(it's like a window blind

suddenly released)

then every person on earth

tries to hide

because they think

the mountains will fall on them

but, instead, the wind dies down

and a huge number of people

come out of hiding

from all over the earth

they wear white robes

and sing

'Hooray for God

who sits on the throne'

then a zillion angels

join in the song


(seal #7)

there is silence

for half an hour

then seven angels

fly down

and stand before the throne

each of them holds

a trumpet

I just know

that when they blow

their trumpets

serious things will happen


(trumpet #1)

hail and fire

mixed with blood


one third of the earth


(trumpet #2)

a volcano

falls from the sky

into the sea


one third of the fish

and one third of the ships


(trumpet #3)

a meteor falls from the sky

and poisons one third

of the earth's fresh water


(trumpet #4)

the sun fades

it loses one third

of its normal brightness

the surface of the earth

starts to cool


then an eagle flies across the sky


'Woe, woe.

If you think that was bad

wait for the trumpet blasts

from the next three angels.'


(trumpet #5)

a crack appears in the earth

it rapidly widens

into a huge abyss

out of which pours smoke

but when I look at it carefully

the smoke is really

billions of scorpions

armed like jet fighters

come to sting

the people of the earth


(trumpet #6)

an army of 200 million troops

rages over the earth

killing one third of the people


(this amazes me the most!)

the people who are left alive

still don't repent

of doing evil

and keep going

just the same

in their bad ways

(you'd think

they'd get the idea

of what is happening)


(trumpet #7)

the seventh angel

raises his trumpet to his lips

and takes a big breath

(and I hold my breath!)

but just before he blasts away

an even bigger angel

drops from the sky

this angel

is as big as a skyscraper

with legs like moon rockets

and the sound

that accompanies him

is like a Saturn V taking off

it's repeated

five times

like five massive thunder storms

everyone looks

at what the giant angel holds

between his finger and thumb

it's a tiny scroll

the angel looks at me and says

'Eat this'


he bends down

and passes it to me

it's only about as big as a

dim sim

or a savoury roll


I pop it in my mouth

it tastes like honey

and melts in a moment

I swallow

and there's a sharp pain

in my stomach

like I've swallowed poison

sweat breaks out

on my forehead

and for a few moments

I feel really bad

then my head clears

my stomach feels alright

and I feel fine

and I'm listening

as the angel tells me

'This is to remind you

to tell your friends

in the seven cities

and then

tell the whole world

what will happen in the future

if people continue

in their evil ways

'Yes, sir' I say

and write in my notebook

everything I had missed

so far

then the huge angel

turns to the seventh angel

who still holds his trumpet

to his lips

and nods

and this time

the trumpet really blasts!


a woman appeared

floating in the sky

she is giving birth to a baby

as soon as the baby is born

a dragon comes

to eat the baby

but just in time

the baby boy

is snatched up to heaven

and the dragon

is caught in a net

and thrown down to earth

where he wiggles out of the net

and takes charge

of the oceans

out of which

a whole series of weird beasts

from an alien zoo

come up out of the water

like nuclear missiles

to bomb the earth

then I look into the sky again

and there's a woman

starring in a porno movie

riding a red horse

makeup is running

all over her face

and blood dribbles from her lips

she digs her spurs

into the horse

and hitches up

her red panties

which are half slipping off

on her red panties

are embroidered the names

of the great cities

of the world

the woman

spurs her horse again

but it shudders

and twitches

then falls

with its rider

down into the abyss

before she's even disappeared

from sight

she is pierced

by a missile

that rises from the abyss

then there's a sound

like a creaking door

the size of a planet

a foul stench fills the air

and an entirely black

and shining angel

who I immediately recognise

as Satan

opens a letter

he laughs

inside the letter is permission

for him to do what he likes

on the earth

for a thousand years

well, this next part

is so horrible


it goes sort of fast forward

on the hologram

but by the time it finishes

and Satan is thrown into hell

I am quivering

and feel this is too much

I can't bear any more

of this revelation



there is the most beautiful sound

like a hum

or a one note bird call

it's the angels singing

and the hologram picture

fades away


the movie on the wall of the cave

fades away


I turn and walk out of the cave

clutching my notebook


there will be guards there

waiting to capture me

and confiscate my notebook

but instead

I see

that the whole world

has changed

there's a feeling of peace

in the air

the scraggy bushes

of the prison island

have turned to olive trees

a shepherd stands day-dreaming

with his flock

like he's enchanted

and out on the vast blue


ships with white sails

glide in the easy breeze

I look up into the sky

and see what seems to be

a star in the day time

the star grows bigger

big enough to be a UFO

or mother ship

but, no, it's bigger than that

it's a golden cube

about 100 kilometres long

on each side

I think,

'Here we go again'

I scribble in my notebook

and then look again

the golden cube

lands gently in the sea

without touching

any of the ships

I realise

the cube is a city

on each of its four golden walls

are three great gates

like jewels

gangplanks like beams of light

span out from the gates

to reach the land

after a while

other people

who have seen the city

walk onto the gangplank beams

and enter the city

through the jewel gates

at last I realise

my chains are gone

I don't need to shuffle any more

in one hand

I hold my notebook tight

and in the other

the pen

that the huge guy gave me

and I run

to the city

over the nearest gangplank beam

through a jewel gate

like a 20-km high pearl

and into the city

straight away I'm walking

along a street of golden glass

the street glows softly

the buildings glow softly

the trees and shrubs

that line the street

glow softly

water splashes from fountains


there are happy people

laughing and talking

or sitting in silence

just soaking it all in

some of them play music

on guitars and flutes

others stare at beautiful 3D

images of richly coloured

living glass

that flows like seaweed

children splash and swim

in fountains

or chat to their parents

I walk over

to an information booth

and look at a computerised plan

of the city

it's big enough to fit

billions of people

yet no one would be squashed

the city is like a building

a thousand stories high

yet you don't feel


but comfortable

I look at the address list

in the information booth

I imagine a face

(my mother's, actually)

and there she is

on the screen before me

a plan shows me

where to find her

now this

is the most amazing thing

because my mother

died twenty years ago

I think I'll go and find out

if it's really her

but there are no vehicles

or lifts or moving walkways

to take me there

how long will it take me

to walk fifty kilometres

in this vast city?

then I realise

I'm not hungry any more

(I've been hungry

ever since I came to the

prison island)

and there are no watches

or clocks

or calendars

even in the information booth

and by now I've been here

for hours

and it's not dark

everything glows with this

beautiful soft light

even the fruit trees

loaded with ripe fruit

of every kind

glow a little

I talk to a few folks

who are passing by

they quietly chuckle

and explain to me

that there's plenty of time

there's all the time in the world

and more

because God has made


a new heaven

and a new earth


and the old heaven

and the old earth


have passed away