It's Sunday. I'm on an island somewhere. I'm wearing chains but somehow I have dragged myself to this cave where I can have some peace and quiet for a few hours.

Till they catch me.

Suddenly a trumpet blasts behind me and I turn to see a huge man standing there at the back of the cave. He's wearing white trousers and white sneakers and a gold T-shirt that throb with light. He looks like he's spent twenty years in the sun.

I am awe struck and fall flat on my face, too scared to look.

The huge guy says (in a voice like a jet fighter--but I can understand it), 'Take this and write down what I show you and send it to your friends in the seven cities.' So he helps me stand up and he hands me a notebook and a little pen. Then he turns on a movie projector (I think) and points it at the back of the cave. The picture flickers into life.