Alex and I start to make love but we are interrupted. Outside our house is a collection of dozens--maybe a hundred--kittens, baby possums, baby Tasmanian devils, etc. Some of them are the progeny of an old mangy ginger cat. I am offended that Axel and Fuzzy should allow the cats to breed like this. I call in the ecological experts (all men) who, to my surprise, say that what Axel and Fuzzy are doing with the kittens and baby marsupials is perfectly correct.

Then Alex and I are invited to go house-hunting with a cousin and an uncle. Alex jumps straight in the car but I have to check the evening meal, which I am cooking. It's nearly ready but, what the heck, I'll go with them anyway.

I am alone when I enter a house on a hill. But there is Alex before me in a courtyard, dressed in a long, green robe. She doesn't recognise me.

A great mandarin tests me with questions which I fail even as I take great risks in advancing towards Alex. The mandarin grabs me and starts to touch me all over with cold, strong fingers. It tickles unendurably. His fingers turn to blades and I begin to bleed.

Then the mandarin says he will give me two days to recover and he locks me in a cell with high walls. Just before the two days are over an old school friend of mine turns up. He wants to help me. We pretend we're fairies and together, by will power and wish power, we fly out of the cell.

When we land in the courtyard the mandarin is waiting for us. He seems pleased. I must have passed some sort of test.

The mandarin gives me a black video cassette. The title on the cover is 'Glorious Winner'.

Then he pulls back a curtain to reveal Alex, still dressed in a green robe. She runs at me to attack. We struggle, wrestling mightily. She throws me to the ground and sits on top of me, pinning me down with her knee in my stomach. Her hands close about my neck and she begins to squeeze.

Somehow I manage to force my head up and give her a tiny kiss on the lips. She releases her grip on my throat and we start to make love again... In her ecstasy, while remaining a beautiful woman, Alex turns into a white wedding car, then a polar bear, then a white whale, then Alaska, a continent, and finally the whole earth...