I'm standing on a beach. A huge wave appears on the horizon and roars toward the shore. I know I should run but my legs won't work. Just before the wave breaks over me I look up into it and realise that it is made of children--thousands and thousands of children. They all have expressionless faces. They're lost in the wonderful, sliding feeling of being the wave.

But when the wave breaks on me it turns into a froth of honey and wine. The children turn into fish and slip away over the sand and back into the sea.

I am left holding onto a fish that I must have grabbed without thinking when the wave hit me. The fish wriggles but I hold on tight. After a minute, arms and legs and a head pop out of the fish. The fish transforms into Max Munro.

Max is holding a sword. He winks at me then walks away across the water which has now turned green and solid. A golden castle rises in the distance.